We have a modern workshop with over 500 m² of working space (indoors and outdoors) where we inspect all our machinery to ensure that it is always in perfect working order.

After each 50 hours of deployment (approximately one working week), every machine is inspected for possible defects, worn parts are replaced and all components are cleaned.

This guarantees the highest possible levels of safety for our employees and fully operational machinery for every job.

Services - Workshop

Workshop - Services

General repairs to forestry machinery

We can perform repairs to forestry machinery belonging to other businesses or private individuals easily thanks to our specialist team's high level of expertise. Our qualified mechanics will analyse any functional defects and process individual parts ranging from hydraulic hoses to entire engines.

Breakdown service vehicle

In emergencies, for example when the engine or equipment breaks down in the forest, we can send out our forestry breakdown service to help. Our mechanic will drive out in our fully equipped service vehicle with spare parts and if possible repair the damage on site in the forest.

CLOHSE SA Forestry Breakdown Service:

+32 80 22 83 96

+32 80 22 74 79